Ann Arbor Michigan was a wonderful place to grow up. You could find a colorful crowd of hippies, intellects, U of M sports fans and those who came to the acclaimed Ann Arbor Art Fair. I received my BFA from EMU. Shortly after I was inspired to move to San Francisco and pursue a life filled with dancing and sculpting. In practicing the unusual discipline of footbag freestyle, Iʼve competed in the States and world wide winning 9 world championship titles. In addition to these travels I spent many years flight attending. Daily art habits have served as a vital grounding force to temper a nomadic lifestyle. My sculptures are often gestures of movement inspired by a history of dance and travel, many of which were made in motion as I often travel with my studio suitcase. Other road trips entail teaching sculpture workshops around the States. My art is featured in several publications including 6 of the “500 Series” by Lark Books. AMOCA hosts an interesting group of my art in their permanent collection.

An elliptical coiling method I use emulates the centrifugal momentum of nature. In “growing” these forms, process and outcome has distinct correlations with an abstract math study known as Chaos Theory. By combining this process with other hand building techniques, organic form and architectural structure come together. They reflect my affection for natural beauty seen in plants, animals and the way that mater is shaped by the elements. The Ocean Rockers series is some of my most representational and narrative work. In keeping with the motion theme, many these kinetic objects that sway on their rounded bases. Itʼs a surreal sort of homage in recognition of the comfort I have found in the ocean, and at its edge. The expanse of the sea affords an opportunity to approach the awe of eternity. Water being a precious commodity, it is the Great common denominator among life forms and I feel more than a symbol of the collective conscious. Itʼs has amazing soluble dichotomy to both conform to the shape of itʼs containment, and travel unfettered in the Chaos of Nature … moving mountains, forests and continental capes.

As I aim to hold happiness in life and in making art, I look to find balance between intention and circumstance; fantasy and reality; the man made and that which comes from Nature.